Reversal: a movie that is a father/son love story about 
wrestling, growing up, and letting go.

Ted Dekker - Ted Dekker is my new favorite author. I am currently reading every book the man has written. He, Tim Downs and Rene Gutteridge among others are among a new bread of Christian Authors who are taking Christian Fiction to the next level.  But of all of the new writers, Ted Dekker is my favorite.  Check out his web site and become a part of; The Circle. -

The Way of the Master - Many are familiar with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort.  This is a great site and will teach you how to share your faith as well as give a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Check it out I think you will find it beneficial. -

Movie Guide with Ted Baehr
Another movie site for Christians. A little different than but still a great site. This provides more of a traditional review and is beneficial for information prior to attending a movie.

The Bible On Line
A great research and study tool. Various Bible translations and study notes available.

Blue Letter Bible Studies
This is one of the best reference tools for Biblical Study on the internet, from Chuck Smith to Halley there is ample study materials available. Includes various Biblical notes, versions and includes written, audio and video commentaries. A great site I use all the time, virtually on a weekly basis.

Crosshome -  I do movie reviews for this site and have enjoyed the opportunity to communicate with Jason Mitchner the web site administrator. Jason has his own personal site and he is a true inspiration. I would strongly encourage you to check it out as well as

David Dauben
David is not only my webmaster he is a true friend. he designed my web site from top to bottom and I would recommend him to help with yours with no hesitation. He also has some of the best links for web site development and weight loss of any web site I have personally visited.

Suzanne Eller and practical writing tips and helps - Author of Blood of our Fathers. There are good helps and tips for writing on this site along with some nice links.

For Our Lord Jesus 
A great resource site and ministry. Much appreciated web site.

Dan Gable
This site has some of the best information related to wrestling there is. An excellent web site.

Got Life?
One of the best new developments in evangelism. I dare you to visit this site and take their test. A high tech site that is rich in many more ways than one.

Hollywood Jesus Movies & Music
I enjoy writing reviews for this web site and I believe that David Bruce has developed a tremendous asset for Christians. While the views may sometimes be controversial there is a great deal of thought into what goes into the reviews and the reality is that it is one of the most respected movie review sites in the world.

Jehovah's Witnesses
This group has spread so much false teachings and hurt the real church of Jesus Christ so much it is time we confront them with their heresy. This web site is one of two that provides ample research material and historical fact that you can challenge them with when they come knocking on your door.

Jesus People
This page includes a fascinating history of the Jesus People movement. Seeing how our ministry in someways is a byproduct of this generation it is a nice historical perspective for those in the new Gen X generation or others to look at.

Jesus People USA (REZ Band, Cornerstone, Glen Kaiser & More)
This is Christian community where I lived at for a short period of time. I still believe in their ministry and support it. They have done as much as reaching the last, the lost and the least as any ministry I know anywhere. While many will question their methods, the reality of it is that they have reached others for the cause of Christ that would have otherwise been left behind.

Jesus Music Listings
Looking for some information on a new or old Contemporary Christian Artist. If you haven't seen this page you are in luck.

Last Days Ministries
This is a ministry started by Keith and Melody Green. I have appreciated Keith even in the early days of the old FCCM of which we were both involved. Melody has maintained the ministry and its original intent of discipleship is still prevalent. This one is definitely a favorite.

Massive Christian Links
Wow, I don't know what to say about this site except it possibly has more useful links for Christians than any web site I have ever seen. What a great resource. Bookmark this baby because you will use it again and again.

Dr. J. Vernon McGee
This man made serious Bible Study easy to understand for all Christians. While I do not agree with his dispensational view on all things I find that the basis of his study is great and easy to understand and relate to the common person. If he was good enough for my grandfather, he is good enough for me.

The Mennonite Brethren Herald
This is a magazine of the denomination of which I belong. The Mennonite Brethren. It is a good educational tool to help understand that the Mennonites are not as different as some may think. 

Jason Mitchener
Jason Mitchener was born with a rare neuromuscular disease that now confines him to an electric wheelchair and requires him to use a ventilator to breathe. His body may be confined, but his spirit soars free. His song lyrics and devotional writing inspire and encourage Christians to draw closer to God.

Noise Ratchet
This band includes the son, Joel Holser (Lead Singer) of Rob Cassels (AKA Rob Castles) lead guitar player, David Holser. We actually lived with the Hoslers' for awhile, a little over a year, in South Carolina. We knew Joel when he was a little boy along with his sister Rachel and brother Gabriel. There are a lot of pleasant memories from those early years. It is great to see Joel's band doing so well now. I know that his dad had to have a lot of influence on him.

Online Church Directory
A wonderful place to start if you are looking for ministry information. They have always been respectful and wonderful to me and I appreciate their work.

Burt Rosenburg
Burt is one of my dearest friends and I believe one of Americas most effective comedians. I would recommend no other ministry higher than Burt's.

Youth Specialties
I was a fan of Youth Specialties from the days of the Wittenburg Door. It was a privilege to get to speak at and perform at one of their national conferences in Dallas with the Rob Cassels Band (AKA Rob Castles Band). I'll forever cherish the opportunity of getting to present with Steve Taylor, Chuck Colson, and others at this wonderful conference. This is a terrific site for all youth leaders.

Sojourners Magazine
While some may not like the approach of this magazine it has always been one of my favorites. It is a challenging approach that has one look to see and examine if they are doing the things that Jesus would Himself do. Do we love? Who do we love? and much more.

The Spirit Lives (Testimonies)
This page includes many inspirational testimonies. It was an honor that they decided to feature mine one month, it is also available in the archives.

My Testimony in the Spirit Lives Newsletter
This is the newsletter that featured my testimony. It is also contained in the archives for people to visit for years.

SOS - This page offers an innovative program to share Jesus with others. While I was skeptical at first I gave it a read through and the inexpensive item is a great way to share the Gospel of Salvation with others. Check out the web site for information including audio links and more.

St. Nicholas (AKA Santa Claus)
I have written and perform a 1 man play regarding the true story of St. Nicholas. This site helps in giving accurate information regarding the real St. Nicholas. If interested in information about this award winning presentation, please let me know.

Tulsa Golden Hurricane
We do enjoy sports in our family, especially the University of Tulsa. 

Tools To Use Against Jehovah's Witnesses
Another great page that provides ample material to confront the heresy's of this cult. If you want to be prepared you will visit, review and use the material displayed on these two pages listed.

Keith Wheeler
 If there is a link to a ministry here you can bet that it is a ministry that I appreciate. If not interested in my ministry but still looking for someone else I can recommend Keith.

Willow Creek Community Church
This church is on the forefront of evangelism being incorporated into churches. Their message is clear and concise. I would highly recommend this web site.

World Magazine
This is a controversial magazine in some circles because of its conservative nature. I find it enjoyable and thought provoking though. If you haven't seen this magazine give the online version a look.

The Worship Archive
A great sight to download various styles of worship songs. Our worship team uses this site all of the time. Visit it and you will discover why.

The Wyatt Museum
Need Archeological Proof regarding the Bible. - Visit and refute this web site, I personally think it will be hard to do. It shows historical accuracy of the Bible in a real way.

Youth Specialties
I was a fan of Youth Specialties from the days of the Wittenburg Door. It was a privilege to get to speak at and perform at one of their national conferences in Dallas with the Rob Cassels Band (AKA Rob Castles Band). I'll forever cherish the opportunity of getting to present with Steve Taylor, Chuck Colson, and others at this wonderful conference. This is a terrific site for all youth leaders.

Some of my favorite, original Christian music pioneers include: 

Daniel Amos
Chuck Girrard
Darrell Mansfield
Larry Norman

Love Song

I am always open to including links to quality Christian artists and if you have additional links please feel free to pass them on to me.