Description:  Contemporary English Version (CEV) The Promise Bible.  The Bible has a black bonded leather cover with gold gilded page edges.
Retail:  $34.99
Your Suggested Cost (Includes S&H. Please see comments below): $25

Publisher:  Nelson
Condition:  New
Comments:  I use this translation more than any other due to the ability of readers and listeners to understand it.  It is accurate and I believe one of the most effective Bibles for new Christians and those seeking out Spiritual Truth.  I can't recommend this Bible enough.  I know for a fact that when using it that many often come up and ask about the translation and how they can get a hold of a copy because it is the first time that they actually understood the Bible.  While I personally like the New American Standard, The New International Version, The New Living Translation, and The New King James Versions, I will openly state that this particular translation is received the best among those not used to reading the Bible.  It is a great Bible for a gift or devotional purposes. 
The truth is that my total cost for the Bibles, shipping and all is around $13-$15.  However, I don't want to charge a set fee for a Bible.   If you don't have money, let me know, ask, give reasons, and depending on the situation I may give one, or make one available for what you can afford.  I also appreciate additional gifts to my ministry which allows me to do this.  If someone wants to give more than the suggested price, that is also appreciated and lets me make these available for reduced prices and giveaway.

A Mike Furches Original - Mental Manipulation
Cost - $10 (includes Shipping & Handling)
Description:  This trick comes complete with 5 cards, an Ace, Two, Three, Four and a predication card.  The trick also includes a carrying case for the 5 cards. This trick is not the Mental Manipulation sold which included a pen.  Everything is examinable after the trick is completed. 
The magician lays out four cards, as mentioned above.  He accurately predicts which card the volunteer will select and the extra card is the matching card. There are no additional gimmicks, the  volunteer will select the same card every time.  There are various methods to help this trick be foolproof and it will work every time.  Directions are included with the trick.



Cost - $20 (Includes Shipping & Handling)
Description:  The shirt includes the above logo with the scripture verse on the back of the shirt.  Shirt comes in adult sizes of small, medium, large, XL, and 2XL.  The shirt and the verse receive a lot of comments and it is a great conversation starter wherever you may be.


CD:  Comin' Round Again by Mary Jane Furches
Description:  This CD comes complete with 14 songs including, Where Have All The Flowers Gone, Circle, One Tin Soldier, All My Trials, Amazing Grace and the original songs, Ain't No Boundaries, Oh How He Loves You, and Without Your Love.  the Cd also contains instrumental tracks for 6 of the CD's songs.  The CD has received excellent reviews from Folk and Gospel music enthusiasts and is one that you will enjoy.
Cost:  $15 (Includes Shipping & Handling)