Nathan resting up prior to the 2003 Kansas State Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling Championships in Baldwin Kansas.
Nathan pinning an opponent in the first period of the Greco section of the 2003 Kansas State Tournament.
Sometimes you wrestle friends and great kids.  This is Nathan wrestling Clayton Birkle from the Team of Hard Knox at the 2003 Freestyle / Greco Kansas State Championships.
Nathan starts off with the Freestyle segment portion of the 2003 Kansas Freestyle / Greco Roman portion. Nathan won the 2003 Folkstyle State Championship, Freestyle Championship and the Greco Roman Championship.
Nathan's first match ended in a pin 17 seconds into the match.  One of his Freestyle / Greco coaches Steve Herman calls the pin.  Steve is known for his officiating and involvement with USA Wrestling around the United States.
Some nice Black and White Photographs taken by the Winfield Courier Newspaper in Winfield Kansas at the 2003 District Championships where Nathan took 1st place in Folkstyle.
Nathan after a hard work out of practice with the Derby Wrestling Club.
Nathan at the 2003 Folkstyle Nationals.  Nathan is wearing the camouflage singlet.
Nathan is now in the multi colored singlet at the 2003 USA Folkstyle Nationals.
Hard work results in a lifted hand.  You can barely see him here but this is another good friend, Chaz Lawrence from the Paola, Kansas Wrestling Club.  Mark Slyter is a great guy and Chaz's coach.
Nathan and the other first placers from the Derby Wrestling Club.  Nathan took first at the United States Junior Open Championships in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  He is pictured here with Cody Shavlik, Justin Menges and Head Coach Jeff Herrington.
Nathan pictured with his Head Coach Jeff Herrington.  Nathan has had the honor of being coached by numerous coaches over the year.  He has learned valuable lessons from all of them.  Some of those coaches include from Owasso, Oklahoma, Keith Kersey, the Tulsa Rangers, Kevin Casey, from Oolagah, Oklahoma, Joey Johnson and Clay Holly.  He has also been coached by Jeff Herrington from Derby Wrestling Club and Skip Herrington, as well as Steve Herman from the Central Kansas Wrestling Club and numerous other coaches.  People like Leo Bailey, Charles Knox, and numerous others have been there to help make Nathan a great wrestler.  It is one of the unique beauties of the sport, the love not just of competition but also seeing to it that your competitors become better.
This is about 1/2 way through Nathans 1st year of wrestling, 1995-1996.

Nathan's 2nd year of wrestling, 1996-1997.
In Nathan's 2nd Year he went 58-1 with the one loss coming in the state finals where he lost in overtime to Kyle Aldredge from Fort Gibson Oklahoma.  Nathan lost by one point in a heavier and older division.  We didn't know it at the time but Nathan, by mistake, won one division and age at state and came in 2nd in another in the same year. To our knowledge the only Oklahoma wrestler to ever do that.
Nathan resting before Oklahoma State Championships in 1998.
Nathan takes Oklahoma State and is pleased with his medal and trophy.
Nathan and his teammates from Owasso Oklahoma Ram Wrestling Club that placed at State 1996 - 1997.  Notice the two medals around Nathan's Neck where he placed 1st and 2nd in two different weight classes and divisions.
Nathan wrestles one of the toughest kids in the country.  Jeremy Goree from the Tulsa Oklahoma area.  Jeremy has a chance at being one of the great wrestlers coming from Oklahoma.  Nathan wrestles him in 2 state finals, winning one and loosing one.  The last time the wrestled for state in 2001-2002 Nathan won 3-2 in Sudden Death Overtime.
Nathan and Jeremy face off in 2000 Oklahoma State Championship Finals.  After a score of 4-3 going into the 3rd Jeremy ended up winning 17-12.
Nathan wins by tech fall in route to his 2001-2002 Oklahoma Open State Championship
Nathan works for an Criss-Cross Pin.
Nathan has a brief advantage on Jeremy Goree, but with this kid it is only brief.
Nathan in a early photo, winning 1st at a local Open Tournament during his 2nd year, 1996-1997